Sunday, August 27, 2006

The open source electronic Personal Health Record

The open source electronic Personal Health Record: "The Tolven solution enables consumers to proactively ensure that their health providers have the latest information to guide them in their decision making. An electronic Personal Health Record provides the consumer with an intuitive web-based application to create, view, store and share healthcare information about themselves or on behalf of those they look after (e.g., aged relatives, children and those with disabilities); to communicate with their care providers; and to access needed health-related information relating to their specific conditions through the power of the internet; and to simply perform mundane tasks, like re-filling a prescription for themselves or one of their dependents – all with a minimum of effort."
I am very excited about this. I feel this is what "good " deeds are all about - using open source to help people take better care of their own health !

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