Sunday, August 20, 2006

Web Visits to the doctor versus going to the clinic

Web Visits to the doctor versus going to the clinic: "# Physicians preferred webVisits to office visits — more than half preferred the webVisit to an in-office visit for non-urgent medical issues.
# Reimbursement matters: Three in four physicians rated it as an important motivator to communicate online with patients.
# Patients loved using RelayHealth — more than three-quarters gave RelayHealth high marks, compared to telephone calls or office visits.
# Patient satisfaction ratings exceeded 90% when patients received responses by next business morning.
# Two-thirds of patients rated the quality of their webVisit highly when compared with an in-office visit, a percentage that rose to 87% when their physician responded by the next business morning."
The only concern many of my e-patients still have is - is it really the doctor who is answering the emsils himself ? Or is it an assistant ( who may not be as well informed) ?

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