Sunday, August 20, 2006

Smart Care via a Mouse, but What Will It Cost? - New York Times

Smart Care via a Mouse, but What Will It Cost? - New York Times: "Digital files are a building block in the creation of far more efficient markets in health care, medical experts say. That is what the enthusiasm is really about: not computers and software, but health information that can be easily shared, searched, measured and analyzed to determine what treatments and drugs are most effective, and at what cost.But efficient markets can be ruthless and unpredictable, threatening incumbent powers and producing losers as well as winners. An information revolution in health promises to be powerfully disruptive for some lucrative businesses in the industry, according to medical experts and economists, and could lead to more spending on health care instead of less."
The major benefit is that it will allow patients to make better informed decisions ! The marriage of Information Technology ( IT) with Information Therapy ( IT) will change the way medicine is practise today, because patients will have much more clout than they do today !

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