Saturday, August 05, 2006

Natural progression - open source in healthcare

Natural progression: "The shortcomings of IT solutions in the healthcare industry are well documented and understood, but the means to resolve them remain elusive. Open source, however, may allow users to enjoy the same variety of solutions as such other industries as banking and finance, telecommunications and manufacturing.

The advent of open source will prove to be a watershed event for healthcare. It will provide truly extensible and affordable solutions for the marketplace. Open source solutions will offer unprecedented flexibility and affordability, enabling institutions to more effectively address the complex challenges associated with data interoperability.

The most glaring deficiencies in existing healthcare IT solutions is the ability of existing systems to share patient data outside of a given organisational unit.

This can put lives at risk, add significantly to the expense and inefficiency of healthcare and produce frustrations for patients, service providers such as laboratories and pharmacies and governmental agencies responsible for monitoring disease and health status of populations."

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