Sunday, November 27, 2005

Will praying help to improve a low sperm count ?

A patient just asked me if praying would help to improve a low sperm count. My knee jerk response was - Of course not ! But then I thought a little bit more about my reply, and modified it. " While praying may not help to improve the sperm count, it can definitely help you to cope with the problem - and its consequences - far better".

I feel that prayer, and belief in a higher being , provides hope and succour when doctors may fail - and as a doctor, I try to encourage my patients to make constructive use of these beliefs.

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  1. Anonymous2:13 AM

    hello im 30 male from los angeles i hav e low sperm count me and my are trying to have a baby can i try some medication like volume pills or fertilaid will the work or at least help me a ivf program


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