Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Why do patients have such a low opinion of their own intelligence ?

Most patients are in awe of their doctors. They feel doctors are extremely intelligent, hard working experts, who are the fountainhead of all medical wisdom. This is why they often fail to cross-question their doctor; and I often get the impression ( when I review my patients' files ) that they seem to leave their common-sense and brains at home when they go to the doctor's clinic ! Why do patients have such a major inferiority complex ? Most of them seem to take it for granted that what the doctor tells them will "go over their head"; and asking their doctor questions is rude ! I tell my patients, " If you don't understand what I am telling you, the fault is mine - I am not doing a good job explaining." Remember, that nothing is so complex that it cannot be explained ! And if you don't understand what your doctor is saying, this does not mean he is smarter than you - it just means that he is not a good communicator, and needs to polish his professional skills !


  1. Anonymous10:07 PM

    Very true!
    Keep up the good work.
    Great web site.
    A fellow Blogger

  2. Anonymous3:32 AM

    You are right. Thank you for posting this entry. It helped me understand how the playing field can be leveled between doctors and patients in an attempt to foster more open communications.


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