Sunday, November 06, 2005

How to motivate yourself to change

Need to improve your behaviour ? Get rid of a bad habit ?
Motivational interviewing can help - and you can do it yourself !
Directions for the Motivational Interviewing Worsksheet:

* Download the Motivational Interviewing Worksheet (PDF)
* Choose a behavior or habit that you have that you would like to change.
* Write down the positive things about this behavior.
* Write down the not so positive things about the behavior.
* After making the two lists above, take some time and look at what you have written in each section. Contemplate on how each of these may influence your decision to continue this behavior.
* Then list one or more goals that you would like to work for in the future. These goals should match those things in your life that fill your cup and support your sense of meaning and purpose.
* Take time and review what you have written and then ask yourself how this behavior may help or hinder your ability to reach these goals.
* Is this a behavior that you want to continue? It is your decision!

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