Monday, November 07, 2005

Who is the lowest paid worker in the doctor's clinic ?

" You already know that the physician is a practice’s most expensive worker, but can you identify your lowest paid workers? Don’t bother looking in the file room or reception. Your least expensive workers are your patients ! Without compromising excellent service, your patients can help reduce your busy staffers’ administrative hassles by completing the registration information in advance, and online. Many physicians mail registration forms to new patients to fill them out before coming into the office. Now a few have started offering online registration for new patients—either as a form they can print right off the Web page, or a true on-screen registration form. Of course, your front-office staff must still review and approve any completed form. That’s because inaccurate form-fillers cause more problems at registration than do inadequate forms. "

This nugget was adapted from Improve Your Productivity, from Advisory Publications, a division of HCPro, Inc.

Now I would not have put it this way, but I am glad someone realises that patients can be a very useful healthcare resource , if they are tapped intelligently - and respectfully !

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  1. Anonymous4:23 AM

    Please add a link to resources you are quoting....



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