Sunday, November 20, 2005 Let's Put Consumers in Charge of Health Care Let's Put Consumers in Charge of Health Care " Businesses spend billions on health insurance. And what do they get for their money? A lot of unhappy employees. Workers fret about the quality of the care they receive, the burden of their out-of-pocket expenses, and the gaps in their coverage. For businesses, health care has become a lose-lose proposition: They pay way too much, and they get way too little. The problem is that the health care industry has been shielded from consumer pressure--by employers, insurers, and the government. As a result, costs have exploded even as choices have narrowed. But if companies embrace a new model of health coverage--one that places control over both costs and care directly into the hands of employees--the competitive forces that spur productivity and innovation in consumer markets can be loosed upon the inefficient, tradition-bound health care system. Moving to consumer-driven health care requires that companies revamp their health benefits in six ways: Give employees incentives to shop intelligently; offer a real choice of insurance plans; charge employees prices that accurately reflect the company's costs; let providers set their own prices; adjust payments for each enrollee based on need; and provide relevant information. " Here's a business case for why it makes economic sense to provide patient-centric healthcare ! Not only will we get happier patients, and happier doctors, we'll also end up saving money !

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  1. Anonymous12:24 AM

    I agree we should put consumers in charge of health care. The health care system is so screwed up we need to work on fixing it by helping ourselves.


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