Wednesday, November 09, 2005

The DigitalTransformations of Healthcare in the 21st Century

The Digital Transformation of Healthcare in the 21st Century: "Digitized healthcare".
The complete digitization of healthcare (both clinical and administrative) will lead to a number of profound changes.

* Hundreds of millions of medical records (shorn of personal identifiers) combine into a massive n-dimensional, queriable, retrospective database, allowing, for the first time, the emergence of true evidence-based medicine.
* “Just In Time Knowledge” systems bring the physician clinical and diagnostic information that she does not yet know that she needs — based on the patterns of information that she is putting into the system
* These systems, and other fail-safe mechanisms built into software, occasion a large-scale drop in medical mistakes and malpractice litigation.
* CEOs and other chief officers can access financial information in real-time in a “virtual close” accounting system
* Procurement “bots,” as well as real-time online market-making in supplies, financing, and drugs replace most of the procurement mechanisms we use today."

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