Wednesday, November 30, 2005

HealthBlog - following in Microsoft's footsteps ?

HealthBlog: "Microsoft is leading the way in using technology to open the lines of communication between our employees and the doctors who care for them. Prior to joining Microsoft in 2002, I co-founded a company that did some pilot work with Microsoft on technology allowing MS employees to access medical information, securely exchange e-mail with their personal physicians, and even schedule and hold 'virtual office visits' with their doctors using video web conferencing. We learned a lot during the pilot. First and foremost, we learned that patients really like being able to correspond with their physicians by e-mail, and physicians enjoy providing clinical cognitive services electronically when they get paid for doing so. We also learned that such technology enhances the physician-patient relationship, and more importantly, that our employees didn't abuse physicians with unnecessary or unwarranted communication." If Microsoft can do this, why can't we ?

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