Friday, November 11, 2005

Why is medical care so disproportionately expensive in the US ?

The US is considered to be a model of capitalism; and most other countries strive to emulate the prosperity of the US. However, why is the healthcre system in the US such a mess ? Why is the care so disproportionately expensive ? Why does an IUI treatment cycle which costs about US $ 100 in India cost about US $ 2000 in the US ? Using purchasing power parity, one would expect it to be about US $ 500. What can account for the nearly 200%-400% markup in medical treatment costs ? Is it greed ? inefficiency ? pharmaceutical clout ?


  1. Hi Dr,
    I read some of your articles.They are good eye opener for someone like me who is not remotely connected to medicine field. the articles are good and put forth in a simple language. Also the liknks provided are good.
    Though I am pained to see not many comments on your wonderful blog. I have seen dozens of comments on other blog which deal with topics as mundane as films, cricket, media, politics....This is probably because Indian youths are losing appreciation for even remotely intellectual stuff which challenges their thoughts....but still I hope you will keep up the good work...

  2. Anonymous3:00 PM

    Hello Dr,
    Your blog is very interesting. But I have to correct you on something.

    An IUI DOES NOT cost $2000 in the US. I have had one done, that too in CT - The second most expensive state in the US. The Dr's office billed $340 to my insurer. The negotiated rate was only $184. If it was an uninsured patient cost would be around $200.

    Treatment is indeed very expensive in the US, but your example is not fcatually correct.


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