Sunday, September 08, 2019

Why azoospermic men get poor quality treatment

One of the reason azoospermic men don't get good quality treatment in IVF clinics is because most IVF clinics don't have a full-time urologist / andrologist on their staff.
This means they have to depend on an external consultant urologist to come and do the surgical procedures for sperm retrieval, such as PESA or a TESA. The problem is that often these andrologists are extremely busy , because they're traveling all over the place, which means they're often not available to do the procedure on the day of the egg pickup.

This obviously affects the chances of the patient getting pregnant , because the clinic is then forced to depend on using frozen testicular sperm or frozen epididymal sperm or the IVF/ICSI treatment.
The success rates of using frozen testicular and epididymal sperm is not as good, because it's hard to judge sperm viability after the thaw.
This means the poor patient's chance of getting pregnant drops considerably.

If you need surgical sperm retrieval for your IVF/ICSI treatment, you should make sure that the IVF clinic you go to has a full-time andrologist , who's able to do the PESA/TESA on the day of egg collection, so that the embryologist has fresh testicular/ epididymal sperm to work with !
What to find an IVF clinic which respects your time and intelligence ?

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