Monday, September 16, 2019

The effect of an IVF cycle on the husband.

Whenever we talk about IVF cycles, our focus is usually on the woman. This is understandable , because she's the one who has to take the injections, go for the scans, undergo the egg collection and embryo transfer process, and live through the 2 week wait. 
And all the husband needs to do is to give a semen sample !
However, the reality is that the husband also suffers a lot of heartbreak and pain.
This is especially acute when the reason for the infertility is a problem with his sperm. He feels very guilty that his wife is having to go through all the pain of an IVF cycle this because he's not able to get her pregnant in the bedroom.
This makes him feel inadequate and incompetent; diminishes his self-esteem; affects his sexual desire ; and even cause situational erectile dysfunction , because he feels that he cannot even perform a simple role which every other man in the world seems to be able to do without any difficulty at all - including all the beggars on the street !
He goes through an emotional rollercoaster ride as well, but it's much harder for him to express his feelings , because he's a man and he's supposed to bottle his emotions up.
And he's not sure whether he can share them safely with his wife or not, because he is worried that this will just add to her burden, which means he does not have a shoulder to cry on , and has to grieve alone.
You can read more about why infertile men get such poor treatment at
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