Friday, September 20, 2019

What happens after the embryo transfer ?

The two week wait ( 2ww) after an embryo transfer can be an extremely stressful time, because in one sense you're partially pregnant.
This might seem to make no logical sense, but because you know the doctor has transferred an embryo in your uterus,  in one sense you are pregnant, but on the other hand , implantation has still not occurred. In one sense, you are in a no woman's land , and you're never sure what you can do to increase the chances of the embryo implanting.
The biggest fear is that if you do something wrong , the embryo will fail to implant.
The reality is there's nothing much which you or your doctor can do during this waiting period.
You just have to take the medications which the doctor prescribes - estrogen and progesterone , to provide luteal phase support.
But beyond this, there is no special precaution you need to take. There's absolutely no need for bedrest or dietary precautions.
You should lead a normal life , because your embryo is safe in your uterus, like a pearl in an oyster.
Whether it's going to implant or not is not something anyone can predict or control or do anything about !

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