Thursday, September 19, 2019

Self-inflicted infertility

This might seem like a surprising diagnosis, but often the cause for the infertility is ignorance.
Interestingly, this is true , no matter how sophisticated or educated the infertile couple is.
Many of them don't understand basic reproductive biology , and are very confused as to how to calculate their fertile time is. Thus, many women don't know what Day 1 of their cycle is. They haven't been told that Day 1 =  the day their menstrual period starts, and will often count the day the flow stops as being Day 1 !
They are smart enough to buy Apps and use ovulation prediction kits to track ovulation,  but often they end up misusing them, because of all the myths and misconceptions they already have.
It's simple stuff, but the reason they make these errors is because they assume they already know how to determine their fertile time, based on the second hand distorted information they get from their friends; or they are too embarrassed to ask their doctor such basic questions, because they don't want to share their ignorance !
Sadly, doctors can also contribute to this mess. Thus, many doctors advice couples to have sex frequently around Day 14, based on the simple assumption that ovulation occurs for women on Day 14. Now this may be true in text books, but real life is very different. Also, many doctors don't seem to know that the woman's fertility drops after ovulation, because her cervical mucus dries up, and creates a barrier for sperm entry !
What to find an IVF clinic which respects your time and intelligence ?

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