Tuesday, September 03, 2019

Reinventing the IVF consultation

Traditional clinical practice was based on the fact that the doctor would see the patient in the clinic; take a history; do an examination; run some tests; and then offer a treatment plan. This is the consultations have been done for years.
However, times are changing, and we need to reinvent the consultation format. This is especially true for infertility and IVF treatment, because the treatment plan is usually based on lab results.
For most infertile couples, a lot of the fertility tests have already been performed, and this is what the doctor needs to review. This is much more efficiently done digitally by email, rather than a face to face consultation.
For one thing, the patient saves money, because he doesn't need to travel;  or wait to get an appointment. It's also much quicker, because he doesn't need to make a trip to the clinic.
Also, because the doctor can examine all the scans and test results , he can provide a well thought out opinion, and share this in writing ( which is legible, as compared to his hand-written scrawl  on the consultation sheet in the clinic !)
Finally, because he needs to document this, he is careful and applies his mind thoughtfully. And  because this is documented, his opinion can be shared with friends, family members, and other doctors.
This is why digital second opinions are so much better , and help you confirm you are on the right track !
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