Saturday, September 14, 2019

The grieving process after a failed IVF cycle

IVF failure causes a lot of heartbreak, and part of the problem is patients don't process the grief efficiently. This makes a bad problem even worse !
Some  pretend that it's not a big deal, and that they are coping well. They believe they will be able to bounce back, and put on a brave front.
This is especially true for the husband, because the fact is that  his heart is breaking too when the cycle doesn't work. He hates having to see his wife go through all that trauma - the pain of the injections  and her disappointment when the result is negative. It's very hard for him to see her suffer, but he can't display his emotions , because that'll cause her to break down. This is why grief and sorrow remains the elephant in the room, and because it's not addressed proactively and head-on, it festers, because they both pretend that everything is fine.
If you can manage to deal with the heartbreak because you are strong and can bounce back, that's fine. If you're able to process it yourself, great. If not, please find a loved one -, a family member, or your spouse , who can give you a shoulder to cry on . It's also a good idea to look for a counselor, who can help you deal with this, because they are mental health professionals.
If you can process the grieving phase in a healthy fashion,  this will help you become much more resilient !

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