Saturday, September 07, 2019

The IVF patient's fears

One of the biggest fears which IVF patients have when they go to an IVF clinic is that the doctor will advise them to do IVF , whether they actually need it or not !
This is a valid concern , because IVF is a much more expensive treatment than the alternatives.
If there are simpler, less expensive treatments available ( such as IUI), then these could actually help the patients to get pregnant in a far more cost-effective manner.
The patient's unexpressed fear is that the IVF doctor may want to maximize his income , and may not discuss simpler, cheaper options with them.
This is why it's so important that patients be well-informed. They need to do their homework, so they have a chance to think through all their options.
A good IVF doctor will always explain alternatives to you, starting all the way from nonmedical options such as adoption, all the way to simpler treatment options. He will discuss the pros and cons of each , rather than try to force you to do IVF just because he happens to be an IVF clinic.
That's the advantage of going to an experienced doctor, who is not practising medicine just to make money !

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