Wednesday, September 21, 2011

What doctors can learn from dentists

Dentists have traditionally been considered to be poor cousins to doctors. It was usually students who could not get into medical college but who wanted to be called Doctor and practice the healing arts who took admission into dental colleges. However, times have changed , and I think it's time doctors learned from dentists.

Dentists organize their practice far more efficiently than doctors do. They have a much better reputation for running on time; keeping better medical records; and making sure patients are sent regular reminders to keep their teeth in good shape. There is also much better delegation of duties within the dental office , so that you have a dental hygienist who teaches you how to take care of your teeth, while the dentist can focus on fixing the problems you may have. Their billing systems are also much more efficient and effective, and rarely do they have problems with collecting their professional fees. Not only do many more dentists have websites, many more of them use technology ( such as EMRs) far more efficiently.

I think the reason for this is that dentists have always been used to a fee-for-service system . They understand the importance of customer service in order to attract new patients and keep their existing patients happy.

Just like doctors can learn from dentists, they can learn from chiropractic practitioners and osteopathic physicians as well. These professionals usually have a much better style of communicating with their patients and engaging them in the treatment. Rather than take a holier than thou attitude and look down upon these sister professionals, I think doctors need to think about what we can learn from them !

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  1. Each profession has a different practice. Dentists have to promote the right service though.


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