Thursday, September 29, 2011

How to improve your doctor's communication skills !

Most patients ( and truthful doctors !) will agree that doctors just do not have the luxury to spend 30 min talking to each patient, much as they'd love to . This means that patients are starved for reliable information about their medical condition - and good doctors are unhappy that they have not been able to communicate properly with their patient because of a lack of time.

Here's an effective solution - ask your doctor to prescribe information ! It's no longer enough to just prescribe medicines !

How does one prescribe information ? Find out more at HELP's 2nd Annual Conference on Putting Patients First. The theme this time is : Using Information Therapy to Put Patients First in India.

This will be held at Nehru Centre on Sunday, 9th October’11 . Mr.Ken Long , Vice President, International Operations at Healthwise, U.S.A, will be the keynote speaker and he will be talking on “What Healthwise is doing in the US to Promote Information Therapy – what we’ve learned so far”.

On this occasion, we will be releasing a book titled, Using Information Therapy to Put Patients First.

Bring your doctor along !

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