Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Humor therapy for infertile couples

There's no question that being infertile can be stressful ! Not only do couples find it hard to cope with their personal pain, they often find it even harder to cope with the ups and downs that their partner is going through.

Infertility puts a lot of stress on the marriage because couples respond differently as individuals. As we all know , Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus , and it's sometimes difficult for them to agree as to what the next step should be. They often find they are not on the same page, and this just ends up making a bad situation worse.

Typically , the husband gets irritated that his wife is always talking about how unhappy she is because she doesn't have a child; and the wife is very upset that he wants to escape into his cave and is not willing to share his feelings or talk about her unhappiness.

While there are no easy solutions , a sense of humor always helps people cope better with any of life's difficulties. This is why I tell all my couples to watch this great movie called Maybe Baby. This is a romantic comedy , and since it stars Hugh Laurie ( and Mr Bean as a bonus !) it is sure to make you laugh. The important thing is to watch it together . Because it's very effectively crafted , it can help a husband to understand what his wife is going through . It also helps a wife to understand why the husband is not often very forthcoming or articulate , even though he may be in pain.

The movie provides hope, because it reminds infertile couples that there are others who have dealt with the pain of infertility , and successfully overcome this.

Moreover , because it's so true to life , whenever couples find themselves quarreling over a particular issue ( such as the wife coercing the husband to have sex because she is ovulating !) , the movie will give them a context to laugh about rather than fight over.

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