Thursday, September 08, 2011

How unhappy patients can help improve medical practise

I see a lot of patients who are extremely unhappy with their earlier IVF doctors because they think they received very poor quality treatment. However patients are extremely reluctant to divulge the name of the doctor where they have taken treatment earlier , and I wonder why this is so.

I think one reason is that they are embarrassed about how poorly informed they were when they selected the first doctor.

Another reasons is that the general impression amongst people is that the medical profession is a closed society , which is very protective of one another ; and that if they criticize one doctor, the other doctor may get upset and take offense.

I don't think this is true . Most of us in the medical profession know who the black sheep are - and are fully aware of which doctors need to have their bedside manner polished !

Even if you do not want to name the doctor, I think it's important that patients learn to share their criticisms and observations with doctors. Doctors can learn from another doctors mistakes; and if you tell us what you were unhappy about , we can try to make sure that we don't repeat these mistakes !

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