Sunday, September 25, 2011

How IVF patients set themselves up for failure

One would expect that every patient will do whatever it takes in order to maximize the chances of success because so much riding on the outcome of the IVF cycle. However, we often find that patients will do stuff which will reduce their chances of getting pregnant .

One common problem is that they rarely do enough homework about the IVF treatment, and unless they pay attention to the nitty-gritty , I feel patients actually end up compromising their chances of success.

Another common problem is that they start with very unrealistic expectations. What this means is that because you're all set to succeed ( because they are pumping themselves to remain optimistic and gear up for a positive result ) if and when the cycle fails , they go to pieces as they just can't cope with the emotional roller coaster ride. Many refuse to try another IVF cycle, even though another IVF cycle represents their best shot at having a baby. They waste so much time feeling sorry for themselves, that they drain their emotional reserves, and fritter away valuable time – and their best chance of having a baby.

Patients need to reframe their perspective . They need to understand that having a baby is a process which can sometimes take time , and they have to be willing to devote that time and energy in order to reach this deeply desired goal, rather than try to put all their eggs ( pun intended !) in one basket.

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  1. Anonymous6:34 PM

    It is true. One can close his eyes so that he can not see what he does not what to see, but he can not stop the feeling which hurts him instead he pretends the feeling does not hurt him while is not true.


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