Friday, September 16, 2011

If I do IVF, can you guarantee that you will give me baby ?

One of my patients asked me this question. It might seem surprisingly naïve, but isn’t this what all infertile couples want from their IVF treatment ? While educated patients fortunately have more realistic expectations, it would be great ( for IVF doctors as well !) if we could give all patients a guarantee that the IVF will succeed and you will have a baby .

A lot of patients still believe that the IVF success rate has to be hundred percent – and this is a surprisingly logical conclusion ! As she explained, if the only reason for the infertility is blocked tubes and if the uterus is fine, and since you are making embryos in the IVF lab and transferring them directly into the uterus , then why shouldn’t a high quality embryo become a baby ?

Unfortunately, human reproduction is not very efficient - whether it's in the bedroom , or in the clinic. We spend a lot of time counseling patients so that they have more realistic expectations from IVF technology.

I tell them I'm sorry I cannot guarantee you a baby , but there are three things which I can guarantee you.
1. I can promise that you'll get high-quality medical care
2. I can be virtually certain that we will be able to make embryos for you in the lab
3. I can promise you that we will be open and transparent and document everything, so that you have peace of mind you did your best !

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