Thursday, September 29, 2011

Information Therapy to tackle non-communicable diseases

The Times of India reported that India is planning to roll out the world’s largest non-communicable diseases drive. As many as 26 "mini interventions" will make up the world's largest programme to combat non communicable diseases ( NCDs) that will be launched by India soon.

However , as usual the government seems to be barking up the wrong tree by pumping in money to open more healthcare centers and do more testing.

The only way long-term cost-effective sustainable solution to tackling this huge problem is by providing Information Therapy to Indians, so they can prevent these problems, most of which are related to an unhealthy lifestyle.

This is why HELP is organising its
2nd Annual Conference on Using Information Therapy to Put Patients First in India.

This will be held at Nehru Centre on Sunday, 9th October’11 . Mr.Ken Long , Vice President, International Operations at Healthwise, U.S.A, will be the keynote speaker and he will be talking on “What Healthwise is doing in the US to Promote Information Therapy – what we’ve learned so far”.

On this occasion, we will be releasing a book titled, Using Information Therapy to Put Patients First.
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  1. And Information Therapy can also be used to help prevent and manage diabetes. Diabetes has spread alarmingly in India and there is an urgent need to get information to patients across rural and urban areas. Traditional solutions are time consuming and expensive - information on the net - with access to the information by both doctors and patients - will kick start the process.


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