Thursday, March 25, 2021

Why you cannot afford to be a lazy IVF patient

In a perfect world , every IVF clinic would have a high success rate ; and every IVF doctor would be ethical and would tell patients the truth , and provide high quality treatment.

The reality is we don't live in an ideal world , and you can't afford to live in a fantasy land and hope that your doctor is the best .

The problem is that doctors come in all shapes and sizes , and most patients are too lazy to do their own home work , or invest in Information Therapy , to try to differentiate between a good doctor and a bad doctor . This will come back to haunt you, if are unlucky enough to end up in a bad IVF clinic because you were lazy.

This wastes your time , money and energy - and more importantly , it will result in your losing confidence in all IVF doctors , because you had a bad experience with one bad clinic. The burnt child dreads the fire , and you are naturally very reluctant to try another cycle in a better clinic.

This is why you can't afford to be passive . You need to do your homework , because you need to be a good IVF patient if you want to find a good IVF doctor .

The good news is it has become very easy for you to do this . There is plenty of information available online , and while much of it is poor quality, you can get high quality reliable information at

This way, you will learn what IVF global best practices are, based on scientific evidence-based guidelines, so you can check whether your doctor is following them or not .

If he isn't , this is a red flag , and you should walk out from the clinic as fast as possible , before wasting more money .

Yes, it's true that you cannot control what your doctor does , but you can control which doctor to go to !

This is such an important decision that you cannot afford to be sloppy about this , because this is something which you may regret afterwards


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