Tuesday, March 16, 2021

The problem with arrogant IVF doctors and the way they treat IVF patients

I have noticed there are two kinds of IVF doctors .

Many suffer from hubris, and these are typically young doctors who believe that they are far better than senior doctors because they are equipped with the latest technology , and have the newest knowledge . They believe they are to do a better job than everyone else , because they are up to date with the latest research . Because they want to deploy cutting edge Technology , they utilize all the latest tests and treatments in order to get their patients pregnant, because they get fooled by all the marketing literature which IVF device manufacturers publish.

However, after a few years, maturity finally dawns , and they realise that just because a test seems promising in a research lab doesn’t mean it helpful in clinical practice. New is not better – and older tests are often better, because they have stood the test of time.

Sadly, some doctors never acquire this wisdom, and continue suffering from “shiny object syndrome”. As they become more senior , they start thinking of themselves as being the court of last resort , and when desperate patients come to them , they want to offer them hope, even if it is false. These patients are often clutching at straws , because they have failed many cycles elsewhere , and they put these IVF doctors on a pedestal . The doctor starts acquiring arrogance, and feels that they are the ultimate experts, who know exactly what to do for everyone who comes to them .

They refuse to acknowledge the reality that so much about IVF is still beyond our control . They refuse to brook dissent , or try to learn from others .

The best , and most experienced doctors , who have a lifetime of clinical wisdom and experience, understand that we don’t have all the answers, and that while IVF success rates have progressive improves , they are not going to reach 100%.

IVF failure is one of the things both IVF doctors and patients need to learn to come to terms with.

Instead of running more pointless and expensive tests or offering unproven treatments, to these doctors provide their patients a shoulder to cry on – an intervention which is far more meaningful and helpful !

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