Sunday, March 07, 2021

How can we get the IVF success rate to be 100% ?


The IVF success rate in a perfect world would be 100% , and life would be much easier for IVF specialists as well as for patients , because all you would need to do would be to pay the money to the IVF Clinic , and they would give you your baby .

Unfortunately , we know that the pregnancy rate in an IVF cycle can never be hundred percent, and that IVF success can never be guaranteed.

This is true even when the IVF treatment cycle is done perfectly in a good IVF clinic.

This is because even though we may be very good at making top-quality embryos and transferring them into your uterus, we still cannot control the process of embryo implantation .

This is  still a black box, and likely to remain so for many years, because it’s hard to manipulate a microscopic living ball of cells after it has been transferring into the uterus

Human reproduction is not efficient , and most embryos will not become a baby, whether they are  created in the bedroom , or in the IVF lab . This is the reason why every fertile couple doesn’t get pregnant every time they have sex !

The good news is there is a lot which you can do to increase your success rate . From a patient's perspective , the most important thing is to find a good doctor - a doctor who will transfer only top quality blastocysts, and who gives photographs routinely and proactively to prove that these are top quality blastocysts, rather than make a fool of you by calling everything a top quality blastocyst, and then transferring in dead fragmented embryos which don’t have a chance in hell of implanting.

Sadly, doctor will continue taking advantage of the fact that you are ignorant and clueless , and that it's not compulsory to provide you with photos , because there is no law which forces him to do so .

The other secret is to find a doctor who will do only single embryo transfers,  and freeze the spare embryos, so that while you may or may not get pregnant in your first transfer , the chances of getting pregnant by your third cycle will increase dramatically , because the cumulative pregnancy rate over a number of cycles is extremely high

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