Wednesday, March 03, 2021

Can you really trust your IVF lab's semen analysis report ? IVF patients beware !


When patients go to an IVF clinic , they expect that the diagnosis and treatment will be done professionally, accurately and reliably.

Sadly, most IVF corporate clinics today seem to be more focused on maximizing their profits rather than caring about their patients.

A extremely common racket these days is that when these IVF labs will do a semen analysis for the man , they report all of them as having teratozoospermia ! This means there are a large number of abnormal sperm forms , and this is considered to be a cause of male infertility.

However, the beauty about issuing a report like this is that it's impossible for anyone to challenge it . The technician could very well write anything he wants, and it seems like the technicians in these IVF labs are being encouraged to report a very high number of abnormal form routinely for all the men who come to them for testing.

Once this report is given to the patient , the doctor can say – See, this is the diagnosis ! The reason for your infertility is teratozoospermia , and the only treatment available for this is IVF/ICSI. The poor patient who doesn't know any better , and because he trusts the clinic, he accepts the diagnosis , and goes ahead with the treatment , without realising that he is being taken for a ride.

Most of these reports are sham, fake, unreliable reports. There is absolutely no quality control and no documentation , and these reports are being issued in order to increase the workload for the IVF clinic.

This is why it's so important that you get your test done from independent outside reliable laboratories , which have no connection with the IVF lab .

The truth is the IVF lab has a vested interest in trying to increase its workload by issuing false reports. This kind of rampant misuse of medical professional privilege is now becoming increasingly mainstream , and doctors can easily get away with it .

How can you protect yourself ?

If you get a report of teratozoospermia , please don't trust it blindly.

Please repeat it again from an independent laboratory , and insist that they give you a stained slide , where the spermatozoa are especially stained, so that their morphology can be accurately checked. This is a complex and expensive procedure , and most about IVF labs aren't able to do this properly . Inspite of their lack of expertise, they continue reporting a high number of abnormal forms, and taking advantage of the patient’s gullibility .

Please beware of this malpractice !

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