Sunday, March 14, 2021

The secret for getting pregnant by IVF is to be patient

Everyone knows that the cumulative IVF pregnancy rate increases with the number of IVF cycles you do .

This is true in the bedroom as well ! Even if fertile healthy young couples had sex daily, only about 25% would get pregnant in the first month; about  40% after 2 months;  60% would take about 6 months ; and 90% would take about a year to conceive, in spite of the fact that the eggs and sperm are perfect.

This is a biological fact of life, and is simply because human reproduction is not efficient .

Now fertile couples don’t mind being patient, because having baby making sex is free and fun.

However, when you need to do IVF to get pregnant, this changes matters considerably, because IVF cycles can be stressful and they are expensive !

This is why you need to select a clinic which transfers only top quality blastocysts, and transfers them only one at a time. The extra embryos are frozen, and reserved for future transfers. Thus, is you have 4 top quality blatocysts, the doctor can do 4 transfer cycles for you, rather than blindly bung them all in at one time,

The pregnancy rate over 4 cycles would obviously be much higher as compared to dumping them all in at one time.

And if you get pregnant in any of these cycles, you can preserve your frozen embryos for your next baby !

This is a simple option , which doesn't increase your costs too much, because transferring frozen embryos is much cheaper and easier than starting a fresh cycle,.

You can considerably improve your chances of getting pregnant , if you are willing to be patient , and have realistic expectations . This is why you need to find a good doctor, who understands the importance of maximizing your chances of getting pregnant ,without taking the risk of your having a multiple pregnancy

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