Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Why did my IVF cycle fail even though my IVF doctor is the best ?

When I review the records of patients who have taken treatment in other IVF clinics , they often claim that they went to the best doctor in their city – the doctor who is the finest , and is the best IVF expert available.

This is because they need to rationalize the decision that the doctor they selected was the right doctor , even if it is clear from their medical records that the doctor wasn't good because he did not provide high quality medical care . He did not even bother to provide photographs of the embryos he transferred.

There is a lot of emotional discomfort as a result of cognitive dissonance when patients realize they were taken for a ride by their IVF doctor. They kick themselves because they selected a bad doctor because they did not bother to do their research .

Patients don’t like confronting this fact , and what to continue believing that the doctor they chose was the best – after all, they have already spend tons of money in his clinic, and the truth can be hard to accept.

They take offence when I tell them that perhaps the choice they made was not good, and the quality of care which they got was poor.

While I am not saying that I am the best doctor , all I'm saying is that patients need to be aware that there are multiple different options , and each IVF clinic has their pros and cons .

Unless they are proactive and take an active interest in their treatment by questioning the doctor and being assertive , they're not going to be happy with the quality of care they receive – especially if their IVF cycle fails , by which time it’s too late to do anything about this


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