Thursday, March 18, 2021

Should you change your IVF doctor ? Or change your eggs ? The option for donor egg IVF

When an IVF cycle fails , the patient is naturally upset and distraught. They ask the doctor for advice as to what they should do next , and often many doctors will tell them to use third party reproduction options , such as donor eggs or donor embryos,  especially when the number of eggs which were collected was few, or if the embryo quality was poor. It's also much more profitable for the doctor to advice third party options, even though this may not be in your best interests.

Because patients are so desperate to have a baby, they are quite happy to follow the doctor's advice , but the truth is that instead of changing the eggs ( by using donor eggs),  you may actually be better off by changing the doctor !

This is because the poor ovarian response may have nothing to do with your biological problem at all. It maybe a result of the fact that the doctor did not superovulate you well – a common problem when it’s the junior doctors or assistants who are in charge of the IVF treatment, and they use rigid standardized protocols to treat all their patients.

Also, if the quality of the IVF lab wasn't very good , this will also cause your embryos  to fragment, and they won’t grow properly , because the embryologist does not know how to nurture them well.

This is why, before changing your eggs ( or your sperm , or embryo or uterus in your next IVF cycle ), first consider changing your doctor .

It’s a very good idea to get a second opinion from an independent expert, before making such an important decision .

When you ask for a second opinion , please make sure that you get all the medical records of your first IVF cycle , including photographs of your embryos, so that the specialists providing a second opinion can guide you as to what you can do differently to maximize your chances of getting pregnant with your own eggs , your own sperm , and your own uterus .

While using donor eggs is always an opinion, this should always be Plan B, after you have finished exhausting all your alternatives.

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