Tuesday, March 23, 2021

My blood boils when I see IVF doctors fool IVF patients

 A patient asked me for a second opinion about her IVF cycle.

Her cycle had failed, and she shared the photos of the embryos which her doctor had transferred.

These were Day 3 embryos, which had been frozen. The doctor had thawed them and then transferred them on Day 4. He claimed these were good embryos, and had started compacting and cavitating.

This is clearly a lie.

These embryos have arrested, and the cells are dead

You can see what embryos should look like at www.drmalpani.com/knowledge-center/ivf/embryos

They should never have been transferred because there is no way they could become a baby.

Sadly, doctors continue transferring dead embryos and fooling their patients.

When the cycle fails ( as it's bound too, because the embryos are dead), they then ask the patient to do a panel of expensive exotic and esoteric tests ( such as ERA and PGT), so they can make even more money by exploiting the poor patient's ignorance.

These are the days when I am ashamed to be a doctor !

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