Friday, October 09, 2015

Why don't all IVF clinics give patients photos of their embryos ?

IVF clinics have started getting a bad reputation in India. They seem to be mushrooming left, right and center, and many are of very poor quality. Not only does this harm the poor infertile couple, it also damages the reputation of the good IVF clinics. After all, once  a patient had has a bad experience in one IVF clinic, she is not going to trust any other clinic.

Sadly, patients don't have the technical ability to be able to judge whether an IVF clinic is good or bad.

I feel a simple solution would be to insist that all IVF clinics routinely and proactively give all their patients photos of their embryos. This is a simple, inexpensive action step, and all IVF clinics have the capability of doing so.

Patients should learn to be smart and to insist on photos of their embryos ! This simple step will help to make sure that poor quality IVF clinics will not be able to take their patients for a ride for too
long !

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