Wednesday, October 07, 2015

IVF success story for Mauritius patient at Malpani Infertility Clinic

Our ivf journey started in April 2015 when we flew to Mumbai to have a first contact with a very 'reputed' doctor at a very 'reputed' hospital. First contact was with a junior doctor and we hardly met the ivf specialist for a few minutes. No examination was done. They only made a file with all our details. We decided to schedule an ivf in July. On our way to the hotel, we saw Dr Malpani's clinic which one of our friends had recommended. We had already decided to go to the other hospital so we didn't take any appointment with Dr Malpani. Hardly did we know what fate had in store for us.

Once back in Mauritius, we kept contacting the junior on the phone and she was always evasive about the ivf protocol. I wanted to start the treatment in Mauritius and then fly to Mumbai just before the ivf, which she was initially agreeable to but in June she insisted that I should be present in Mumbai for 3-4 weeks. She was not supportive and harping that I am growing older and that I should take the decision of doing the whole process there. I got annoyed with that attitude and overnight, we took a decision- that of going to another clinic.

My husband emailed Dr Malpani with our case history and to our great delight, in the morning we got an email with the whole procedure.

We decided to go to the clinic in July and within a week, we transferred money and got one of our friends to pick up the injections so that we could start the treatment. With his help, I managed to delay the period so that I'll be in Mumbai on the most appropriate days. Dr Malpani and staff were very patient and answered all our queries.

We flew to Mumbai and our first meeting with Dr Malpani and Dr Anjali gave us a boost in confidence. They are so supportive and understanding. We realised that we took the right decision. We were staying at Taj Vivanta which is very near to the clinic and we actually walked there for the injections. We felt very much at ease there and the best thing is that Dr Malpani and Dr Anjali are always here for their patients. They give patients importance and will answer your questions and provide emotional support.

The egg pickup was scheduled after 5 days and it was not a painful experience. We got 10 eggs and we were quite worried that it might be less but Dr Malpani reassured us that it's the quantity of the eggs that matters but the quality. Dr Sai, the embryologist informed us that 9 eggs fertilised and after 3 days all 9 were dividing. On day 5, transfer day, we were shown our embryos and we had 3 top grade blastocysts. The transfer was done by Dr Malpani himself and although I was very stressed, he managed to make me laugh. He was very patient with me and at the end of the process he thanked me for being a cooperative patient. These small things make a big difference. We flew back to Mauritius early next morning with the 2 blastocysts in.

After 2 weeks, I had a blood test and the hcg level was more than the expected level. I repeated the test 3 times and the level kept on rising, more than doubled. During all this time, Dr Malpani was monitoring the progress and after our first scan, we came to know that I am expecting twins. We are so happy and above all so grateful to Dr Malpani who believed in us and made us believe that we can make it.

Here I am now, 14 weeks pregnant with twins. We would like to thank Dr Malpani, Dr Anjali, Sister Lizzy, Sister Nidhi, Sister Mary, Vinayak, Dr Sai, the anaesthesist and everyone else who works there. We really felt at ease there and we received a warm welcome. After having spent 10 days in their company, we felt very sad to leave them. We'll visit them again with our twins.

We could make the difference between a very 'reputed' hospital and Dr Malpani's clinic. The warmth that we got there and the emotional and psychological support will not be available in any other clinic.


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