Friday, October 16, 2015

Egg Freezing- Your Insurance Policy for Having a Future Family

Having a family is important to many women and they don’t want to lose that opportunity. Today, there are a number of career-oriented women who find themselves at a crossroads when it comes to choosing between diving headlong into the career dream and “settling down” and raising a family. Till not very long ago, there wasn’t really a choice and they would have to compromise on one or the other. However, now with egg freezing technology in the picture it gives women a chance to focus on their lives in the present, without having to be stressed about their future fertility .

I have always found the field of reproductive medicine to be filled with a sense of purpose. Most couples who deal with prolonged infertility and then have a child, are positioned to be great parents; the fact that I am able to help them achieve this goal makes me feel privileged.

The Vitrification Technique

The IVF field is constantly in evolve mode and a number of  technological advancements are taking place in this space. In addition  to treating infertility, we as IVF specialists are also in a unique position  to empower women via the egg freezing technology. Though  the technology itself has been around for a number of years, it was only in the year 2009, that there was a major scientific breakthrough in  the egg freezing technique- vitrification!

Today, the success rates achieved via vitrification are in line with  fresh  IVF cycles in which fresh eggs are used. This advance is what helped egg freezing shrug off its cloak of being an “experimental treatment” and it is now making its way into the mainstream.

Many large global corporations including Facebook and  Google are now  giving their female employees the option to freeze  their eggs. This is a great way for them to retain talent and  it acts as an incentive  for women  to  further their career without worrying about the possibility of them having to remain childless in the future.

The Best of Both Worlds

Egg freezing  gives women the choice  to have a baby when they want to versus when it’s best  to. It helps them plan their present and their future and they can make a more thoughtful decision of when  to have a baby , instead  of rushing into a relationship or marriage when they are  younger, only because  they want to have a family. In simple words, they  can have their cake and eat it too. In effect, it’s an insurance policy for having a future family.

Ovarian Reserve Testing

As women age, there is a drop in ovarian reserves and this makes it important for women above 30 years  to get  ovarian testing done. If it is found that a woman has low ovarian reserve, she  has  the ability  to do something about  it at that point of time; regardless  of whether she is ready to have a family or not. I agree that egg freezing isn’t the right option  for every woman. However , just the fact that this option exists can be very empowering.

The recommendation is that women who are considering egg freezing should  do so when they are in their early to mid-30’s. It’s also a good idea for women in their late 20’s or even their early-30’s  to consider ovarian testing. All it takes is a few weeks to complete the freezing process, but the result can take  the stress off your mind for years. If you have any questions about  the egg freezing process and want  to know how it works and whether it’s right  for you, I would me more than happy  to guide you in this matter.

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