Sunday, October 04, 2015

IVF success story at Malpani Infertility Clinic

After 6 years of blissful married life, the only thorn was the lack of a child. And it takes special efforts to cope with the pressure in India, the social stigma attached to it. It seemed like everyone was waiting for our child to arrive and we just did not have enough answers for everyone.

After couple of years of futile treatment efforts, we came to know about Dr Malpani from a friend. Knowing that he's an IVF specialist, it got us worried even more. It seemed unfathomable that it was happening to us. The mere thought of having to undergo IVF was scary. And to add to it, I hated Dr Aniruddha the first time we consulted him, he asked me to undergo the dreaded HSG :-)

We took our time heeding his advice and finally got it done. Fortunately HSG was positive, but unfortunately that did not result in any success. That was the time we took a call and decided to go for an IVF. The next question was even more concerning. Which is the best place to have an IVF, and thankfully, Dr Malpani had all the correct answers to our queries and worries. Once the treatment started, it never felt like we should worry even a bit.

Both Dr Aniruddha and Dr Anjali were more than friendly and the treatment was absolutely pain free (except the injections). We were made very comfortable by the time the actual procedure was carried out (thanks to the entire staff as well). Though I feared some some pain and discomfort after the retrieval and transfer, there was none at all. And the most encouraging part was I was not made to feel like a patient throughout the entire procedure and afterwards as well. We were encouraged to follow our daily routine which was very comforting.

And of course, the IVF resulted in pregnancy and am now currently in my second trimester. Things are going fine with me and I have all the symptoms and developments as any normal pregnancy would have. We are eagerly awaiting the due date, and know its still a long way to go. But hoping for the best!!!

Lastly, for everyone reading this, I sincerely hope that nobody should have to undergo infertility issues, but if you do, remember that there is treatment available for everything. It takes some courage to face the facts, but once you do, you could get the gift of your lifetime :-)

And certainly Dr Malpani is one of the best you could hope for. Visit him once and you would find yourself calm and relaxed inspite of everything going on in life.

Lastly, it certainly is the best place to have a baby through IVF :-)"


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