Thursday, October 01, 2015

IVF horror stories

I just received this email from a patient.

" In my  IVF treatment, on the day of embryo transfer, in the last minute, embryologist said that the embryo of your own is of grade II quality. Chances of success is less. So embryologist said that 2 embryo of your own and 2 embryo of some other couple of grade I quality will be transferred in my wife's uterus. We were afraid about this, We didn't decide in right way in last few minutes, and we agreed about this under pressure. We are very afraid. What should I do ? Please suggest if your clinic have any solution.we like that we have our own child or from my semen and donor egg."

This is the kind of treatment which makes my blood boil. This IVF clinic took undue advantage of the poor patient's emotional vulnerability and coerced them into accepting donor embryos without adequate counselling, simply in order to pump up their success rates.

Even worse, they "borrowed" another patient's embryos and "donated" them to someone else. Not only is this unethical, it's very unfair on the poor patient - and the unborn child. There is a very high risk this couple will reject the child after birth, because they were not ready to use donor embryos.

It's these kind of shady practices which give all IVF clinics a bad name !

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