Tuesday, October 06, 2015

IVF twins from Malpani Infertility Clinic

I got married 6 years back and had decided with my husband to start planning after 3 yrs so that v get to spend some time together. But afte 2yrs v were ready to become parents and started planning. We, like any normal couple, felt becoming a parent shouldn't b a big problem...it's just that we need to giv some time. During that one year we were abroad and my husband was neck deep in work. So v took it lightly and thought of meeting doc wen we will b back home in India. So after coming back v consulted a gynae who made us go thru some tests....all the results came normal and she made us belv that all is ok just have patience...v continued her medication and after trying for 2-3 months...she told us about IUI and bcuz v were also running short of time v agreed for it. That was a failure...and besides being a failure it was the most painful procedure I ever went thru...and cried like a baby...I was scared to visit her again but keeping my faith in doc I continued with her.. Next month again IUI. Still no success. So in all 5 months wasted. My husband went abroad and came back after 6 months. When he came back somehow we had lost interest in doc and started hunting for a good one. Finally we switched our doc and this time it was a real doc who had human touch. She studied my case and told me to go for normal cycle. And suggested that I get HCG test done as that was the test my last doc didn't advised me to go thru. And since again v didn't had much time so we tried IUI again as we didn't wanted to waste this cycle by undergoing hcg. So again a failure. So finally i underwent hcg test thinking it's just one more test. But never thought it would change my life completely. The test diagnosed me with both Fallopian tubes blocked. Couldn't believe my eyes. Never in my dreams thought I could have a problem that cannot be cured. And all these IUI that I went thru were useless as my tubes were blocked. And wasted 2.5 yrs more. So my only option to get pregnant was IvF. And that was not all. Report showed fibroids as well.so the 3rd doc I met in Bombay told me to go thru hysteroscopy and laparoscopy to get the fibroids removed first before going for ivf. According to her these fibroids were in uterus lining and they won't let the implantation happen. That was one more bomb. Then while reading online I came across doc Malpanis site and before meeting him I read great reviews about him. When I met him and showed him my reports, he not only motivated me but also told me that there is no need to undergo lap/hysteroscopy. But I cudnt believe that as my last doc very strongly said it would affect my chances of implantation. But somewhere I developed great faith in him. And I started my treatment 6 months later due to unavoidable circumstances. I decided to undergo half of the treatment in my hometown and then move to malpani clinic to get the rest of the treatment done but due to misunderstanding of dosage between me and my chemist I had to stop midway. Then for next cycle I got whole treatment done at malpanis  and it was a success that lasted only few days....I had positive pregnancy but somehow baby cudnt implant properly and I lost it...and with that I was in the most depressing phase of my life. My husband supported me thoroughly and we decided to undergo frozen cycle next month. That too was a failure. Now I had only one possible frozen cycle left. And to be very honest I had little hope this time as this was my only chance left. And this time luck was in my favour. I got two embryos implanted out of 3. And my hcg numbers were quite high to reassure me. I was on cloud nine....nothing could match the happiness that I was feeling...along with the nervousness of loosing them again. By gods grace I gave birth to two beautiful angels in my 8th month. And it's all Possible because of Dr. Annirudh and Anjali malpani. They are God for me who gave me my life's biggest possession. Can't thank them enough. I salute you both for the work you are doing...and your staff for the love and care they give you during your treatment.

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