Monday, October 12, 2015

Why the diagnosis often does not matter when you are infertile

Infertile couples want to know what their diagnosis is. " Why am I not getting pregnant ? What's the reason for my infertility, doctor ?"
This is perfectly logical. After all, before the doctor can find a solution, doesn't he need to first identify what the problem is ? How can he select the right treatment without making the right diagnosis ?
While this is true of most medical illnesses, surprisingly, the diagnosis is usually of little importance in treating infertile women.
The reason is that fertility specialists  are not researchers. Their ability to bypass problems is far better than their tools to identify them. This is because there is a wide range of "abnormalities" seen even in fertile couples, and a lot of the fertility tests give rise to red herrings. "Treating " these just wastes the patient's time and money.
Infertile couples don't come to a doctor and say - "Are my tubes blocked ? " Their need is much more basic - " Doctor, give me a baby !"
The beauty about IVF technology today is that it allows us to bypass problems ,even without being able to identify them.
One way of thinking of this is to imagine a road with multiple potholes which you need to drive on in the middle of the night. One option is to put on headlights, and crawl forward slowly, hoping that you will be able to miss all of them. The much easier option is to take a detour ! This is what IVF allows us to do , so we can substitute the lab for the bedroom. Sure, it's not as much fun, and it's a lot more expensive, but it gets you to your destination much faster !
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