Wednesday, October 14, 2015

IVF pseudopregnancy - why do all the patients in some IVF clinics get pregnant ?

Some IVF clinics in India seem to have very high pregnancy rates,  and this makes me a little suspicious.

Their patients come and tell me - I was part of a batch of 20 patients, and except for me, everyone got pregnant !

Now I know it's biologically impossible to have such high IVF success rates, which is why I'd suspect there was some hanky-panky going on.

The first question I ask is - How do you know everyone else got pregnant ? If the answer is - " The IVF clinic told me", which is when  I know that they are most probably taking the patient for a
ride . They must be saying the same lie to every patient, and patients have no way of verifying the truth as to who else did not get pregnant. This way , they get fooled into believing that the IVF clinic was very good, but that they were unlucky.

Others say - Because the pregnancy tests for all the other patients was positive - and so was mine, but then my HCG level  dropped . The doctor told me that  I miscarried and that I should do IVF again because my chances are very good.

This is what I call the IVF pseudopregnancy, and is a cruel trick played on unsuspecting patients by unethical IVF doctors. They give the patient multiple HCG injections after the embryo transfer. This externally administered HCG will cause  the pregnancy test positive, and thus fool the patient.

Some doctors  continue giving the HCG injection to "support the pregnancy" , as a result of which the patient does not get her period, and is deluded into thinking she is pregnant as a result of the successful IVF treatment. However, when they do an ultrasound after 6 weeks, they find there is no pregnancy at all. The doctor tells them that they miscarried - and that they should just repeat the IVF cycle again . He warns that this time they should take strict bed rest , to make sure that they don't miscarry again !

It's easy to fool some of the people some of the time, but I don't think it's possible to fool all of the people all of the time !

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