Friday, March 11, 2011

Why should I select Malpani Infertility Clinic for my surrogacy treatment ?

I just received this thoughtful questionnaire from a patient.

We are looking for “gestational surrogacy” in India. There are many clinics offering these services and before moving forward in this decision, we want to have more information about your clinic and some steps of the process. Here are our questions and concerns.

1. How many years of experiences in fertility and surrogacy does your clinic have?

20 years

2. What are the main steps and what is the time table of the whole process
a. Steps

The process is described in details at

b. Timeframe

20 days

3. What is the delay from first contact to start of surrogacy?

3-4 months

4. What are the legal concerns with surrogacy?

Our legal consultant will take you through these

5. What are the legal procedures we have to go through?

Our legal consultant will draft the contract which you and the surrogate will have to sign before we start your treatment

6. What is the selection process for the surrogates?

We select the surrogate for you. We screen them for their health; and to rule out infectious diseases; and counsel them as well

7. What facilities do you provide and what control do you then have with surrogates?

The surrogate’s pregnancy is monitored by our obstetric consultant

8. What is the cost and what does it include?

US $ 25000

9. What other expenses / costs (not included) that are at my charge?


10. How much goes to the surrogate and how much goes to the clinic?

Described at

11. What is the probability of success/failure?

Our pregnancy rate is 56% when we transfer 3 Grade A embryos

12. Has there ever been health related issues when the new born is taken back to the parents’ country?


13. Do you have a blog webpage where parents can share their experience with your clinic?

You can talk to some of our patients by email at

14. Why should we select your clinic more than another?

You can read about how we pamper our patients at

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  1. Helping people in need is a behaviour of a positive person.i happend to see this blog and it is true what it is written.make use
    for successfull results.


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