Thursday, March 24, 2011

Why EMRs perform badly !

" Four years after a pilot project to computerise services at state-run medical colleges and hospitals was launched, the state Medical Education Department has done a rethink and no longer considers the idea “feasible”.

This is typically what happens when these big buck projects are implemented with a Top-Down approach. A bureaucrat with a lot of money to burn decides this is a clever idea and tries to put it into practise. ( Because there's lots of money involved, it's easy to grease palms) . The results are very predictable - the project flops because there's no buy in from doctors . The project is then scrapped - and the technology gets a bad name ! It's not the technology or the idea which is flawed - it's just the way it was implemented. However, this will set EMR projects back by at least a decade, as everyone will now believe that the failure of this project " proves that EMRs do not work in India "

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