Thursday, March 10, 2011

Springtime in Mumbai - an IVF success story

My husband and I have been married for seven years, and are now 11 weeks pregnant! Even with the euphoria of this moment I don’t want to forget the journey of three years that brought us here, and Dr. Malpani and his team have been like a guiding light in this.

The ‘TTC’ Couple

We wanted the first few years of our marriage for ourselves and made the most of them by traveling all we wanted, my establishing myself in my career and having time with each other. After the fourth year we started trying for a baby, once the initial 7-8 months were over we started to think that we should get a medical opinion so that we can eliminate the possibility of a problem or rectify it if there’s one. We met our OB&G and she suggested a few basic tests, based on these she started some medication for my husband and suggested we keep trying. We spent months doing back and forth like this, changing medicines, feeling disappointed every month. After almost a year of this and a suggestion for a surgery for my husband, we started doing some research for an infertility specialist and from what we found online, decided to meet Dr. Malpani.

Onwards March!

Once we met Dr. Malpani and talked to him, the doubts eased and I felt this confidence that while it may take time we were finally on the right track and this will happen for us. That confidence is the biggest asset the doc equipped us with which saw us through the entire process on good days and bad. Based on the battery of tests we did there wasn’t a reason or problem to explain the delay, so it was decided that we will try with 4-6 cycles of IUI first. We live an hour’s drive from his clinic so the Dr. suggested we do it with a trusted OB&G nearby and gave us the treatment to be followed. We did do three cycles of IUI with our Gynecologist but without super-ovulating. These IUIs did not work and when our Gyneac suggested that we do a diagnostic laparoscopy, which I knew (from the website) was not commonly done anymore we decided to go back and consulted Dr. Malpani. He gave us the options and we decided to go ahead with the IVF!

Mission IVF: Putting our eggs in a safe basket

Every day of the process from the word go I have thanked our lucky stars that we decided to do this with Dr. Malpani and his team. To NOT worry about if you were being told everything, if the staff knew what they were doing, if you were being told to do things that weren’t necessary, if we will be charged correctly, if an important detail will be missed out etc. etc. ; to NOT have to worry about these made it as easy on us as it could have been. Everything was done in a very systematic manner and the staff members were not just cooperative but clear and aware of everything that needed done. I had come to trust them so much to do everything with precision that I drove to the clinic for each of the shots instead of doing it closer home with someone who might mess it up. The egg retrieval and ET were done in the way which was already explained to us, we were shown the three grade A embryos before the transfer and I have to say that was a pretty exciting moment! The transfer happened in a smooth, painless manner and I left the clinic with the feeling that all that could have been done by us and the Drs. had been done. The 15 day wait as everyone says was excruciating and I kept trying to prepare myself for either of the outcomes. When the first HCG blood test came out positive I decided to wait for the second and the third HCG before I told myself that this was really happening. It is! I’m enjoying these months and looking forward to everything going smoothly for my due date in September. And I’m just really thankful that we got to do this with a doctor who has the answers and a sense of humor!

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