Tuesday, March 22, 2011

59 Top Physician Blogs Worth Reading - Freelance MD Blog - Freelance MD

59 Top Physician Blogs Worth Reading - Freelance MD: "While the majority of physicians haven't exactly embraced the rise of social media, here are some of the physician thought leaders who have."

I am very pleased and proud that my blog was selected ! It's the only blog from an Indian physician on this list - why aren't more Indian doctors blogging ?


  1. Congratulations Dr. Malpani. My company is in the medical equipment business and I was reading some of the blogs to get better informed about the current physician concerns when I came across your blog. I know a number of Indian physicians and I think, in time, more will follow you. Your site being honored in this way will encourage those on the fence to follow you.

  2. I have been looking for that list of best doctors. I am so happy that you share that link in this post. Now I don't need to search for more hours.




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