Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Happy IVF patient from Mumbai !

After more than 7 years of marriage finally we had started seriously thinking about making an addition to our family, but our efforts were not yielding results. As the age factor was catching up on us, we were advised to go in for IUI treatment. After 3 failed IUI attempts, I was completely disheartened and dejected. Fortunately that's when one of our colleagues mentioned Dr. Malpani and their success story after undergoing his treatment.

We had nothing to lose, and decided to give it a shot. My work had anyway brought me to Mumbai from Bangalore and we decided to make the most of this opportunity.

Our first consultation with doctor boosted my confidence tremendously and I felt that finally I had reached the right place. The doctor put me to ease instantly. After perusing all my earlier reports, he advised me to get a couple of blood tests done. We were glad that we were not asked to repeat any of the tests done earlier. He explained the details of the entire treatment and assured us to remain positive.

One the first day of my next cycle, I visited the doctor's clinic again. Then started the routine of injections and scans. On day 9, the day of my first scan, I had gone to the clinic with a lot of hope, only to be devastated. The doctor was completely disappointed with the results as the follicular growth was well below expectations. After increased dosages of injections and regular scans the results were still not satisfactory by Day 14. It seemed to be the end of the world!

Dr. Anjali recommended that I need not lose hope and advised that we continue the round of injections for another few days. We are extremely grateful to her for instilling hope and believing that the results will improve and that there was a chance… somehow! Finally on Day 21 (exactly a week later) the doctor recommended that the follicles were now ready and we could go for egg collection.

I had thought that this cycle would be futile and we would have to wait for another cycle to try our luck, but thanks to the experience and reassurance of Dr. Anjali, we were able to utilize the current cycle as well.
After the IVF procedure, started another difficult phase of waiting for the results. Since I had 3 failed IUIs and a delayed ET in the current cycle, I was quite prepared for the worst. Finally 14 days after ET, it was time to get the blood test (BHCG) done. And lo and behold... the result was positive. My husband and me could not believe the results. I did not want to celebrate as yet. As recommended by the doctor, the tests had to be done twice again and we waited patiently. Each time the results were positive and finally, reality had sunk into me. It was unbelievable. I had finally conceived... It was something which I thought could never happen to us and we cannot thank Dr. Malpani and Dr. Anjali enough for making this dream come true for us. Now I am 4 months pregnant and hoping all goes well till the end...

We would like to emphasize the personal attention, constant assurance and the positivity that we experienced at Dr. Malpani's clinic. The staff too is very cordial, well-trained and caring. I can certainly compare my experience here with the others that I had consulted and taken treatment, and frankly there is no comparison. The Malpanis are extremely passionate in what they do, they treat every patient with equal care and patience and make each one feel important. I only wonder how they manage to do this even after so many years of practice and doing the same things over and over again. Hats off to the doctors!! I am also amazed at the responsiveness of the doctor to emails. Rest assured that you will get a reply to your email within 24 hrs, no matter how busy he is!

I would certainly recommend Dr. Malpani to everyone seeking infertility treatment anywhere in India. Please make the first visit and you will never regret!!

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