Thursday, March 17, 2011

Medicine and Technology : Doctor-Patient Interaction and Web 2.0

Medicine and Technology : Doctor-Patient Interaction and Web 2.0: "Increased patient interactivity in their own health care could bring a lot of potential benefits, many of which focus on increasing the flow of information and enabling patients.

• Bettering the information in health records by using PCHRs could lead to more accurate diagnosis and treatment.
• Rather than completely depending on the doctor for explanations of technical issues, patients could use the Internet to further their understanding.
• Giving patients more power over their own health could make them more committed to bettering their health.
• The greater exchange of information could lead to a stronger relationship between doctor and patient. Instead of spending clinical visits exchanging basic information (which would have already been conveyed by PCHR and email) the two could discuss more detailed information about the patient’s situation.

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