Sunday, March 13, 2011

Thanks, Dr Malpani !

This is an email a patient from Nigeria sent me today.

" I have set aside this morning to commend you and your beautiful wife on the good work you are doing for humanity. You give hope to the hopeless, healing our wounds of years by showing commitment and concern, even when the situation looks gloomy. You are ready to even pray for mercy and help for your patients! I am impressed.

I have discovered that IVF is a journey. The travellers are the patients, but all of us will have to travel by different means of transportation, The luckiest by air, some by sea, others by road. It means there will be travellers by jet, speedboat, canoe, ships, cars, bikes, rail or even trucks and cartwheels! I am happy you guys are the drivers and my prayer is that the Almighty Creator will always grant you the wisdom to choose the right means of transportation, and the patience/perseverance to convey your travellers to their desired destination.

Please keep up the good work. I love you both and appreciate you."

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