Tuesday, March 08, 2011

BioNews - Keep trying for IVF success, new study suggests

BioNews - Keep trying for IVF success, new study suggests: "Researchers from the University of Western Australia have published a study suggesting IVF effectiveness could be improved by undergoing more cycles. The group noted that the cumulative probability of IVF success increased with each successive cycle for at least the first five cycles. Lead author Louise Stewart, researcher at the School of Population Health, stated: 'The results of this study suggest that IVF has the potential to be more effective if women, especially those over 35, are able to undertake more than the usual two to three cycles'. "

We all know that the chances of getting pregnant improve with each IVF cycle. However, most patients will get fed up and frustrated and will drop out of IVF treatment, thus losing their chances of having a baby ! This is why Infertility Success Assured ! programs like ours are so helpful ! They help patients to stay the course and manage the IVF emotional roller-coaster ride !

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